Arnhem the label’s genuine leather boots ON SALE!

Chocolate brown Dakota tassel boots with bead detailing & real cow hide. All genuine leather, detailed stitching around leather sole and slight kick in the heel. 

Dakota tassel boots also come in black. Beautiful tidy finishing and perfect for the classic vintage look.

Vintage Cross Bow soldier boots in black leather. Combination of soft and firm leather which gives them a strong base and soft floppy upper that casually slouches with the shape of your leg. Detailed leather work with cross bow reinforcement, kick back heel and brass buckles.

Black raven slouch boot. Super soft, super flat easy to wear with anything. Fine weaving through the boot leg which flows out to tassels along the spine of the boot. These boots slip nicely into a perfect slouch.

All boots available at our special Spring price from the online store

mother nature’s signature florals..

Arnhem’s signature florals….inspired by the world around us...

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Lucy In The Desert

“Oh that the desert were my dwelling place,
With only one f
air spirit for my minster.
That I might f
orget the human race,
And hating no one, love her only.”

Lucy wears Orange Free Sprit Arnhem Dress  
“…I hurry over land and water
I cross the desert and split the mountain in two, 
and turn my face from all things, 
until the time I reach the place 
where I’m alone with you”
Lucy Wears Red raven Arnhem Dress, accessories by Buffalo Girl.
Buffalo Girl’s range includes one-off hand carved leather bags, vests, belts and head pieces. While her much anticipated clothing range Senorita Bandita is a collection of flirty, flowy pieces with her ignature Buffalo Girl embellishments…

Lucy wears Red Raven Arnhem dress

Lucy wears Lace Up Lizzy dress

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"Arnhem pieces will be treasures forever"

Leila classic with signature floral Sleeping Beauty Rose..

This beauty was such a hit, Isabel Lucas was spotted wearing it a year after she purchased it.
Sleeping beauty rose will be making a come back in 2011 Winter, so keep an eye out for this signature floral, its so timeless you will love it forever.x

Isabel Lucus Wearing Arnhem in Grazia Magazine

It Feels pretty exciting when Stars like Isabel Lucus, and The Veronicas love Arnhem so much, that when they come across the Label they usually buy more then one item. 
Isabel Has collected Arnhem pieces for years now, visiting me at my stall at Festival, and the Byron Bay markets.

Lisa Origliasso and Jess Origliasso from the Veronicas both wearing Arnhem signature floral dresses. 

The Veronicas hanging with Us band Carney, Jess Origliasso wearing a signature floral dress by Arnhem.

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Arnhem now Available online at The Hanging Space.

The Hanging Space is a unique, fashion forward online store filled with labels from emerging designers of clothing, the latest jewellery and accessories, as well as having a hand picked vintage wardrobe.
It has been featured in various magazines including famous,Shop til you Drop and Peppermint Magazine.

The Hanging Space was founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of bringing emerging labels into the wardrobes of everyone, and providing a platform from which to expose the works of our talented Australian designers and collectors. 

Here are some of the Lovely & Beautiful Arnhem pieces available at The Hanging Space online.
                        Lucy Layered Dark Khaki 

Issabella Skirt Strawberries and cream Floral

                            Lucy Crochet Black 
                            Sleepy Jessie White.

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Alida Buffalo

We’re pretty excited to be stocking Arnhem Online with Alida Buffalo.
After a lengthly love affair with all things vintage, Alida buffalo has branched out to stocking Arnhem The Label.
Alida Buffalo is inspired by daisy chains, late nights, dream catcher sundays, glittery eyes, lip stick stained champagne glasses, and begone eras.
It is an amazing online vintage store founded by the creative Kit Schoelly (freelance stylist).
Here is a sneak peak of some of our collection that will be available through Alida Buffalo.

 I Love Mira Dusty Pink Rose, styled with white vintage tee from Alida Buffalo. Sasha Lace in black, styled with spotty Vintage blouse from Alida Buffalo.

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‘Mira Bettles’ collection Summer 2011

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