Path to Wilderness

A few weeks back i was asked by a Brisbane based photographer Kelly Pack,
 if i would be willing to let her use some Arnhem pieces for her to shoot.
I couldn’t be more obliged, its not everyday photographers offer there services free of charge.
These are a few of the stunning images she took for us.
Thank you kelly. xxx
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Come Back Summer

 I feel i need to share my yearning for the sun, lately i have been craving summer,
i need it back.
Winter is exciting for the first month, you can wear boots and layer up.
The excitement wears off when you cant find any clean tights or socks to wear.
Dresses and flip flops, you cant go wrong.
Come back summer, i miss you!!

Shea Marie in Arnhem

I was so excited when i saw our Endless Desire dress in Cherry Blossom,
 Worn by Shea Marie from Cheyenne Meets Chanel Blog.
She looks so flawless in this piece!
 Its making me want to get mine out and start rocking it,
iv already worked out the perfect outfit to go with, a pair of vintage tassel boots, and my little wonderer cardi. 
Shop this dress
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Thursday at Mac’s Milk Bar

Love Goddess Mini Dress $145 
Isabella Maxi Skirt $110
Savannah Cream Crop $59
Little Wonderer Cape Yellow $149

Free Bird

Im in love with this post from our all time favourite blog A GO/GO
Wearing our Dream Weaver maxi on sale now for $145

Everything Feels Lighter In White

Nothing really compares to the colour white.xx
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