The Dreamer by Wild & Free Jewelry

Another beautiful post by Corina Alulquoy Brown of Wild & Free Jewelry. Corina is wearing our Avani Maxi Dress in Sahara Sunshine and the jewellery featured is all by Wild & Free.

Check out her post

” A few days ago I woke up with the quote “live the life you have imagined” stuck in my head. For whatever reason, I have been pondering those words ever since.
It’s often difficult to imagine a reality full of the things you want out of life, mostly because a part of you may realize that it’s not going to magically appear tomorrow. For those of us who thrive off of instant gratification, living the life we have imagined may feel like a bit too much effort. It most often seems like the easiest thing to do in life is to go with the flow and settle for what presents itself more readily.
Fortunately, the truth of the matter is, that living the life you have imagined can be the easiest thing to do, especially if you set your mind to it. I believe, that if you dedicate yourself to the things you love, and start doing what makes you happy, you will find the path towards everything you have imagined. And what could be easier than simply doing what makes you happy?
So, for the year 2013 … live the life you have imagined. “

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Adrienne rocking our tarni top in the county side

Adrienne is a 28 year old Girl finding her feet 
in the green pastures of prime victorian dairy country.
Her style is ever evolving and changes from day to day.
I am always excited to see what beautiful country she has found to shoot our pieces in.

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