Corina from Wild & Free Jewelry does it again.
The beautiful beach location and soft hue of these images contrast perfectly with the toughness of our Phoenix Fringe jacket. 
Fun and carefree, they capture the essence of what the Arnhem girl is all about.
Photography: Wild & Free Jewelry
Arnhem products featured: Phoenix Fringe Jacket Black Suede
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Many of you may be familiar with the work of Alexandra Valenti, but if not…today is your special day because her work has the potential to just blow you away.
“I am one of those people that feels the need to document everything around them”
“Her art has been described as a dreamy, sun-drenched flashback that jolts you from your current moment in time and into a psychedelic world all its own; a world where beautiful women, clad in vintage flowing black dresses, are stoically poised in bodies of water or other natural wonders waiting for you to come down and become a part of their ritual. And this is all just another day in the life of the psychedelic photographer.”- Foam Magazine
“I just hope my art brings some semblance of happiness and inspiration to people’s lives”
Pop by her portfolio to see more amazing images like these – Alexandra Valenti


Feasting your eyes on Hannah Lemholt’s photography is like falling through the looking glass and tumbling into another world.
Casting a magic spell on the everyday, she captures nature, products, lifestyle and inspiration in her beautiful images.
Scrolling through Hannah’s pictures is like taking a soothing dip into stillness and tranquility, it calms the mind.
Amazing & inspiring. Hannah Lemholt’s work can be viewed at her blog Honeypie Living
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Byron Bay is home to the masses this weekend as Splendour in the Grass gets underway, so we’re celebrating the festival style that pays homage to style legends of the past and present
Style has become an innate part of the festival scene, a reflection of life in the moment we live in, carefree and fun. It’s a style that we love and embrace at Arnhem. From leather to tassels, denim and rock’n’roll Tees. To the flowing prints of maxis and kimonos channeling vibes of the pioneering Woodstock……whatever you’re rocking……Welcome to Splendour.

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“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”  Coco Chanel

Arnhem products featured: Poppie Dress, Isshella Kimono, Clover Cardigan, Lazy Sunday Tank

Images sourced from web – special tanks to Hannah Lemholt


  “I would describe my style as a woman channeling Jonny Cash mixed in with a little Rod Stewart pre-disco days and a little sweetheart of the rodeo hanging out at the beach.” Erin Wasson

This effortlessly cool Texan-born beauty’s relaxed, bohemian look inspires us no-end. The lady sure knows how to pull off the laid back easy-breezy style and turn a thousand heads while she does so.
Her personal style always encompasses a little of that South-Western spirit, with wardrobe staples including basic tees, denim cut offs, leather pants, statement accessories and cowboy boots.
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We’re excited to share some of the newest product additions to our Winter line. Lots of goodies to choose from! Bangin’ flares, rockin’ boots, perfect basics, lace, crochet and those unforgettable signature Arnhem prints…. 
 Photography: Esa Lily
Model: Luna


Living in Byron Bay, winter is a bit of a welcome break from the seemingly endless summer. A good excuse for a wardrobe revamp, and a break from the old routine! It’s about this time of year though, with the sun-drenched pics from the northern parts descending upon us as our grey skies, long dark nights and cool days start to wear thin.
So we’re coming up for air and dreaming about salty hair and sun kissed skin, and endless warm days of sunny skies and tropical breezes. Luckily we don’t have long to wait. In the meantime, we can dream, reminisce and most importantly plan that all-important summer wardrobe!!
Let these pics carry you away on a summer breeze…..
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There’s just something about those hippy pants with the giants swinging bell bottoms that jingle jangle around your feet as you walk. When you wear them you can’t help but feel happy, it’s as if that carefree, bohemian sixties spirit infiltrates your soul, and ignites your inner glow.
Having been neglected of late, pushed aside by the ascendancy of skinny jeans and tights, the bells are proving that that they have stood the test of time and are winding their way back into our wardrobes.
Here’s some recent bell looks we’re loving. And don’t they just make your legs go on forever!!
BELLS: Wear them and smile…

FEATHERS, FRILLS & LACE – the Essence of Femininity

For centuries, women have been adorning themselves with feathers, frills and lace to decorate and enhance their femininity.
You’ll notice lots of our styles at Arnhem are inspired by these materials. Add a touch of luxe to the everyday by mixing them up with basics like jeans and boots for pretty, delicate and bohemian style that makes you feel oh so feminine.
Arnhem items featured: