“Pink is the navy blue of India” Diana Vreeland
Ruthlessly overstimulating and always inspiring….. India is a melting pot of colours from fiery oranges, shocking pinks, hot reds and azure blues, to saffron yellows, glistening gold and earthy browns.
The art of India is inextricably entwined with its ancient traditions, fantastic religious celebrations, and architecture, reflecting the rise and fall of many great dynasties and empires.
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Here in Byron Bay, we’ve been spoilt recently with a prolonged period of beautiful sunshine, which has been such a treat for the soul. It’s given us a little taste of the sunny months ahead, and all the excitement that comes with summertime.
Whether your summer is slowly waning, or it’s on the horizon, enjoy these gorgeous images that capture the essence of sunny coastal living.
Sand, surf, palm trees, azure waters and tropical breezes…… bring it on :O)


“Flowers….. are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
With spring just around the corner, we’re celebrating all things floral here at Arnhem. Anyone who is familiar with Arnhem’s prints will know that flowers are a great source of inspiration to Arnhem.
No matter what you’re doing or where you are, when you wear flowers you are more connected to the natural world around you, and it’s a grounding experience. Flowers reflect the vivid beauty and abundance of nature, in an explosion of colours and patterns. They stimulate so many senses with their smell and beauty.
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Roses pic by Honeypie Living
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Part two of our “Basics range” photoshoot. This range is characterise by soft, stretchy natural fabrics and classic Arnhem signature prints. Time to throw away those baggy grey marle trackies, the Arnhem basics collection fills that void with comfort and style.

Think lazy Sundays at home, sunlit carefree afternoons, and not a care in the world…. not even having to worry about being busted in your grey trackies!

Arnhem Products Featured:
Model: Billie Edwards
Photography: Esa Lilly Photography

Inspo post HATS

They can turn an average looking outfit into something rather special. They can cover a multitude of hair sins, and they’re actually pretty functional, providing that all important shelter from the sun and the general public if you’re having one of those days.
The humble hat can be a girls best friend. These pics showcase some of the styles we love. From the Fedora to the Floppy, from felt to straw and everything in between.
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In comfort we don’t lose the effortless style that comes with rolling around the house in colour and fun prints. It’s the easy living of those days at home in the sun that we can enjoy the simple things that bring so much happiness, so we are introducing our new Basics Range to do all that we love with the refreshing energy of our most basic instincts.
Arnhem product featured:  Wandering Gypsy – Off White
Model: Billie Edwards
Photography: Esa Lilly Photography

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It seems the fairy tale wedding has evolved in recent times into something altogether more creative. Yet another form of individual expression through the ultimate demonstration of love. It seems modernism has taken bridal inspiration to new levels of styling.

Tradition challenged with bright coloured dresses, or kept plain in white lace with embezzled with bohemian hues of feathers and jeweleled headpieces reckoning the image of the day you dreamed of being a princess as a little girl.

For those of us who would rather wear flowers in our hair than diamonds around our neck… it’s a godsend we can get married barefoot, with a few fresh flowers through tussled hair, in a vintage maxi dress on the beach. Perfection.

Simple or extravagant, it is always a visual delight to witness.

Inspiration from The Lane

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Saffron in the City

One of our favourite bloggers, the gorgeous Belle from Petite Biet, sent us these pics of her and her beautiful kiddies out and about in her Brooklyn neighbourhood recently, wearing our Songbird Kimono in Saffron Floral.
Living in Byron Bay, we’re so used to seeing our kimonos paraded around the beaches, so it’s a treat to see them decorating the bustling city streets, adding a splash of colour, a burst of nature and dash of boho along the way.
If you haven’t already checked out her blog, head over to Petite Biet to discover Belle’s beautiful writing and images chronicling her life as a mama in the big city.
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Maybe it’s because us women are wild creatures living in a tamed world that we like to adorn ourselves with animal print.
Maybe it’s because we hear the call of the wild that more and more of us are embracing this trend.
From our all time fave leopard print, to snake prints and zebra prints, you’ll find animal prints sashaying their way down catwalks and high streets for many seasons to come.

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We were thrilled to team up with the awesome Emily from Emily Studios recently for this summertime collaboration. Featuring one of this seasons prominent styles, our Decoder Day Dress in Decoder and off-white, Emily produced some absolute stunners, shot in the wilderness of her home in the American Midwest.
Check out Emily’s inspiring phototgraphy for yourself here

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