Although we are at the beginning of Spring here in Australia, we just love this Fall inspired editorial for  Foam Magazine September/October issue.
Model Hannah Davis poses for photographer Dove Shore’s lens.
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Mexican Style – A Celebration of Colour

It’s hard not to smile at the flair and celebration that’s inherent in the Mexican culture – from their food, their homewares, clothing and of course fiestas, the Mexican spirit is loud and proud.
The bold and expressive style we recognise as Mexican is the result of centuries of fusion of Native civilisations with European culture. This has created a melting pot of gorgeous Mayan, Aztec and Spanish design influences, and a unique and inspiring Mexican style that we love.
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“A good image will tell you exactly who the photographer is, without even knowing their name”
LA based Lucas Passmore is dedicated to creating amazing images powered by motion and emotion. The way he captures the vibrant LA spirit is unmistakable – casual, fun and flirty by nature.
To check out more of Lucas’s work, visit his blog
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These stunning pics were shot and styled by the talented Lizz Pennings from our Sunshine Coast stockist Gypsy Stone. The flirty innocence of the Poppie dresses with sweet fresh faces and tousled locks, contrasts perfectly against the edgier black suede Phoenix Fringe Jacket.
Photographer/ Stylist: Lizz Pennings at Gypsy Stone
Arnhem products:

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“It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature than that of the gypsy” Franz Liszt
For centuries, gypsies have been carving out an alternative lifestyle, wandering from place to place, always living close to nature. Gypsies celebrate life with passion. Theirs is colourful, decorative, full of music and singing, of folk tales and adventures, and the road less travelled.
They have always captured people’s imagination. As the original bohemians, the romantic gypsy lifestyle offers escapism from the drone of the everyday real life, little wonder so many of us covert their style.
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Athlete turned model, Elsa Hosk is the epitome of Swedish beauty.
We can’t get enough of her fresh freckled face and tousled locks.