Inspiring Northern Rivers – M E E S H K A

jewellery. artist

Meeshka jewellery designer Mish McCann’s unique style is beautiful and distinctive. Her intricate and elegant pieces are individually hand-beaded by Mish in her Byron Bay studio, where she crafts bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings inspired by ethnic tribes, with a contemporary allure.
A true artisan, Mish comes from a family of artists and crafty folk, and stays true to her creative roots, pouring her love of jewellery making into each piece of Meeshka Jewellery.
You can find Meeshka Jewellery in many art galleries and luxury boutiques Australia-wide. 

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n. 1. A place of ideal beauty or loveliness.
2. A state of delight.

Completely fell in love with this feature in our favourite fashion bible Russh Magazine.
Capturing a perfect casual tropical style with a modern edge to the average beach day in a very Australian coastal backdrop. Crushing on the featured model Luisa Hartema  So sleek and sexy, reminding us of a born again Cameron Diaz with Sienna Miller’s steez. Lost in this dreamy visual delight.
Photography – Ryan Brabazon.
Styling – Billie Iveson, Russh Fashion Editor.
H&M – Luana Coscio.

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G I V E A W A Y – P A S S I O N F L O W E R. B O W E R B I R D

november. giveaway
This month’s giveaway is the classic Arnhem Bowerbird Maxi Kimono in Passion Wildflower.
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The winner will be picked at the end of November.
Good luck everyone!


crimson. tide

Colour of all things passion and fire, red is associated with energy, war, danger, strength and power, 
as well as desire, and love.
So what a contrasting controversial shade we have to enjoy in all sorts of ways. From flowing silk to lipstick, bright to deep.
Red is emotionally intense it enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, raises blood pressure and our expectations. When you wear it be prepared to stand out.

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Inspiring Northern Rivers – T I N Y P E O P L E

discerning. juniors
With the imminent arrival of our new kids range, Mini Arnhem, we’re busy getting inspired by all things cute, stylish and mini, and it doesn’t get more stylish or cute than Tiny People.
Kids about town swarm to this long time favourite Byron Bay store for their hip threads. Stocking some of the coolest little labels including Zimmerman, Coco & Ginger, Petite Bateau and Tutu du Monde, there’s some fabulous pieces juxtaposed with colourful pom poms, cool toys, and the cutest accessories.


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istanbul. skyline

Truest to one of the most exotic places on the planet. Turkey is so recognisable for its vibrant mosaic colours, indulgent cuisine, its bright lights, bizarres and dancers draped in metal and jewels head to toe. A love affiar with Turkish style has been a canvas for many a designer.
The founding of the first printing house was driven by late influences of the Renaissance in a closed cultural environment and by the beginning of material components dominating patterns of thought and behaviour through religious content. These historic prints have been what has inspired a style that declared a woman beautiful in long flowing materials, decorated in jewellery and moving to music.
Not only that, but the amazing ability to weave, hand craft, paint, print and create a world of brightness from cushions to glass…. this culture is irreverent to contemporary trends all over the world that we see in our swimwear to our lamp shades.
Turkey is a must on the travel list.


the mimi. effect

Mimi Elashiry is the hottest young thing around at the moment. I am completely obsessed with this basic ballerina blogger turned model’s effortless style and aesthetic.
Shot by Life Without Andy for their Tuesday’s feature on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Mimi kicks it in blue denim everything. Baben’ in boyfriend overalls and oversized T’s. She’s laid back and sexy beyond her years, without a care in the world, her rise will definitely be one to watch.
Follow her here @mimielashiry.
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M O T O R C Y C L E. D I A R I E S

bikes. & babes

A motorbike workshop stands as the set for this sexy editorial for Schön! Magazine shot by Aaron Feaver. Californian model Cassandra Smith, makes herself at home among vintage motorcycle memorabilia and creepy dolls. Her glam but fierce look with 70’s inspired tassels and Hawaiian prints – including pieces by Jeffrey Campbell, One Teaspoon and of course, vintage Levi’s with the old Harley Tee. An effortlessly cool story, making the ever humble but hot street machine just continue being the epic sex symbol it is.

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you. me. & the sea 

There is truly little more graceful than a woman dancing on a single fin longboard and being blessed enough to live in Byron Bay we see these talented ladies of the sea daily. One of the more experienced is Lex Weinstein from GypseaLove. Having been in the water when some of these photos were shot by talented local photographer Carly Brown, it was an incredible feeling to share some water time with this inspiring siren, taking peelers in her flares.Surfing is a remarkable source of eternal happiness… I would encourage everyone to try. It is quite symbolic of everything you thought you couldn’t do…but you can. There is nothing else I have found in my life where I feel so much power and peace at the same time Lex rides a locally custom shaped Dead Kooks log, shot for Lisa’s Closet  & Lakota Jewellery at The Pass, Byron Bay.


This week we visited Byron Bay lifestyle brand Island Luxe to ask about the inspiration behind their beautiful stores.

“Island Luxe was established in December 2007 after 8 years travelling the world for inspiration. The concept is based around the experience of our Nomadic existence, and recreating the feel of a luxurious gypset lifestyle without pretension.
Each detail of the store has been thought out and created to touch on all of our senses from the exotic music to the smell of fresh coconut and aged leather, and the textures of the finest fabrics.
Once inside clients discover an interior style inspired by a love of nature and a deep emotion towards the nobility in humble objects like a peasants bed from Pakistan, an old leather oil pot from a gypsy tribe in India or a farmers work bench battered over time.
Island Luxe collaborate with local artisans wherever possible to produce exclusive one off accessories and furniture, making each piece unique to every client.
The Island Luxe team are trained over time to realise that true style transcends fashion and in this regard help each client to find his or her own style instead of adhering to current trends.
We were honoured to be able to expand our family in December 2010 and offer our clients a different aspect to our Island Luxe lifestyle by opening Island Luxe Tribe.”

Island Luxe currently have two stores – “Island Luxe” in Bangalow, and “Island Luxe Tribe” in Byron Bay. These pictures were taken in their Island Luxe Tribe store, which showcases tribal inspired homewares, clothing and artefacts.

Island Luxe website coming soon:

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