Behati Prinsloo

cf167865f11b5176987262e3a1a019e4 2327d727e9923a8561f727a2e473797c 568451a3950cdb4ebedc4bd26c0b382a jalouse-2013-06-jundragged6 Behati Prinsloo by Bjarne Jonasson - Venice Beach 14 jpg73 jpg215 Jalouse-2013 jalouse-2013-06-jundragged23 jalouse-2013-06-jundragged13 jalouse-2013-06-jun (dragged) 24 800x1031xbehati-prinsloo-greg-kadel3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5B-KWiKnWz free-people-behati-prinsloo13 800x1031xbehati-prinsloo-greg-kadel6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Ktkwtgp3NE 800x1031xbehati-prinsloo-greg-kadel5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.59F2QjBv_H 800x1031xbehati-prinsloo-greg-kadel4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.R4V8_J25Yh vogue-spain-april-2014-behati-prinsloo-by-greg-kadel-7 behati-prinsloo-greg-kadel7 d8eb0df657c1643aef6cd08ff88966b6 behati-prinsloo-greg-kadel2 Behati Prinsloo would have to be one of  my favourite models at the moment. The exotic Namibian model was discovered on holiday in South Africa at age 16, by Sarah Doukas (founder of Storm Modelling), who also discovered Kate Moss. She has quickly risen to become one of the world’s top models, with a prized Victoria’s Secret contract, and having graced numerous magazine covers, and runway shows for some of fashion’s biggest names.

Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she possesses this wild child, goofy quality that makes her so loveable and relatable.

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MUSE – Naomi Campbell

naomi7 naomi6 naomi11 naomi5 naomi10 naomi4 naomi3 naomi2 naomi13

 Naomi Campbell, the supermodel who dominated the nineties, is known for her fierce temper and feisty ways as much as her striking looks and legs that seem to go on forever! Destined to be a diva, Naomi attended a prestigious stage school in London during her childhood, before being spotted by a modelling scout at the age of 15, her career catapulting from there.

I’ve always loved that she can so look so fierce and soft at the same time, the winning blend of feistiness and femininity makes her such a unique character.

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vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-5 blog1 anja-rubik-by-max-doyle-for-vogue-australia-april-2011-edge-of-forever-06 doutzen-kroes-vogue-uk-04 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-1 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-3 blog6 anja-vogue12 doutzen-kroes-vogue-uk-11 frenchvogue-march1 Gisele-Goes-Beachy-Wanderlustful-Style-Pages-French-Vogue jacquelyn-jablonski-emma-tempest-vogue-russia-january-2014-3 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-4 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-7 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-6 blog5 doutzen-kroes-vogue-uk-03 61ccaac23b63e65c024a1644b4836999 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-9 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-10 cf42b6cc6a70150069385a0fa5c296d4 9eac1955340e6a73eb44000e7febe41b b6d99e289ebb7cf064755dceaea520a0 blog2 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-12 74f878ffeffb80ee17b8c0224827a304 blog4 99eabddd11a01ae3c4d294419cea5b00 vogue-australia-april-2014-abbey-lee-kershaw-by-gilles-bensimon-11

This gorgeous collection of bright whites and neutrals reminds us what an epic long hot sun-bleached summer we’re leaving behind as our Aussie summer days draw to a close.

I was so excited and inspired by Abbey Lee’s stunning editorial in this month’s Vogue Australia. A true celebration of the most versatile and timeless of all the colours.

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Braided Woman

3864_highlight_8424_l 3864_highlight_8428_l karmen-pedaru-vogue-paris-june-july-2012 la-modella-mafia-Karmen-Pedaru-x-Vogue-Paris-June-July-2012-photographed-by-Hans-Feurer-styled-by-Geraldine-Saglio-1 Karmen Pedaru by Hans Feurer (La Sauvage - Vogue Paris June-July 2012) 3864_highlight_8432_l 3864_highlight_8431_l Sasha-Pivovarova-by-Mikael-Jansson-for-Vogue-US-February-2014-9 Sasha-Pivovarova-by-Mikael-Jansson-for-Vogue-US-February-2014-10 3864_highlight_8427_l 3864_highlight_8429_l jacquelynjablonskiVogue9 sasha-pivovarova-by-mikael-jansson-for-vogue-us-february-2014-6 s1 Irina_Kaufmann_03 3864_highlight_8426_l braids11 Sasha-Pivovarova-by-Mikael-Jansson-for-Vogue-US-February-2014-8 la sauvage karmen pedaru hans feurer geraldine sagilo vogue paris supplement june_july 2012 2 s1s-5

Hairstyles come and go but braided hair is an ancient beauty technique with a long history that roams across countries, cultures and centuries.

In some regions, a braid was a means of communication. At a glance one individual could distinguish a wealth of information about another, whether they were married, mourning, or of age for courtship, simply by observing their hairstyle. Certain hairstyles were distinctive to particular tribes or nations. Other styles spoke to an individual’s status in society.

In modern times, hairstyles aren’t quite so serious but one thing hasn’t changed: braids are still around, and they are awesome!

These images are just to good to be true!


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Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.28 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.27 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.5 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.3 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.26 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.25 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.19 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.18 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.17 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.16 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.9 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.10 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.8 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.11 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.22 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.211 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.20 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.111 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.13 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.12

I came across the S/S 14 MLLE Collection today and just fell in love.
The images are truly beautiful and very unique.
Modelled by the stunning Kim Riekenberg, who somehow manages to make awkwardly lying on the hood of a car look sexy.

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A love story – Jenny & Jason Lee Parry

74 29 56 37 282 93 262 233 184 195 272 174 301 341 421 312 154

 LOVE STORY for Free People

Photos: Jason Lee Parry, Jenny Parry and Caleb Barton

Artists. Wanderers. Creators. Lovers. Friends.

Free People’s latest collaboration with gorgeous creative love birds model Jenny and photographer Jason Lee Parry is just magical. The pictures capture the intimate joy between the two, adventuring together on the open road. The pictures tell a tale of belonging, of passion and of discovery. The amazing “crazy chemistry” Jenny describes that exists between them is so clear, you get a sense when watching it, that despite all the amazing adventures and beautiful scenery they’re experiencing, nothing is more fascinating than each other.

Heart warming, awe inspiring love story ….

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723 528 627 340 257 189 434


Model – Erin Wasson

Photographer – Yu Tsai

Stylist – Kenneth Goh

Hair – Rob Talty

Makeup – Shane Paish

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ENIKO MIHALIK for Vogue Mexico

eniko-mihalik-koray-birand14 eniko-mihalik-koray-birand13 eniko-mihalik-koray-birand12 eniko-mihalik-koray-birand11 eniko-mihalik-koray-birand10 eniko-mihalik-koray-birand9 800x1044xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand8.jpg.pagespeed.ic.p64vm4jo4J 800x1050xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-KiOAKt2OZ 800x1047xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.OXKM4C58Wi 800x1040xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UWukH0xQzI 800x1044xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.iIz9cOK3H1 800x521xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8nBNV6MwZ_ 800x1047xeniko-mihalik-koray-birand5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wgerF8ZmHT


I love this recent smouldering shoot for Vogue Mexico by Koray Birand, with one of my favourite models, Eniko Mihalik. She has such a signature sultry look about her, and this shoot captures it perfectly.

Vogue Mexico March 2014

Photography: Koray Birand

Stylist: Sarah Gore Reeves

Model: Eniko Mihalik

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paulina porizkova

paulablog1 paulablog8P1050403 paulablog2 paulablog3 tropical-beach-wall-mural paulablog5 paula11 paulablog10 paulablog13 paulablog6 paulablog7

One of the most recognisable faces of the eighties, Paula Porizkova remains one of the most popular ever swimwear models. A far cry from her roots in Eastern Europe, she spent much of her career frolicking on tropical sandy beaches! I love her classic look that manages to transcend the eighties fashion.

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Road Trippin Lover’s

Free-People_March14_catalog-13 Free-People_March14_catalog-1 Free-People_March14_catalog-2 Free-People_March14_catalog-4 Free-People_March14_catalog-3 Free-People_March14_catalog-5 Free-People_March14_catalog-7 Free-People_March14_catalog-(11) free-people-erin-wasson-8 Free-People_March14_catalog-6 Free-People_March14_catalog-9 Free-People_March14_catalog-10 Free-People_March14_catalog-12 Free-People_March14_catalog-4 700x1149xfree-people-wedding14.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.DKAcN2PKlM b1

Could it get any better?
Gorgeous Erin Wasson and sexy Mark Wystrach road tripping though the desert on bikes,
getting married and riding off into the sunset aghhhhhh.
Free people catalogues are just to good to be true!
“The Ride” March lookbook
captured by Guy Aroch
models Erin Wasson & Mark Wystrach
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