aqua dreaming

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g5 dalliance_cover3 w42 o51 ash_01 a1 Catherine-McNeil-No-Name-Magazine-Oracle-Fox.16.5 w13 ww_07a ww_02a LOVEMORE BLOG 30 LOVEMORE BLOG 29 hana_171 freja_03 w40 w10 lola14 Montana-Cox-Lingerie-Fashion-Lauren-Slater-Oracle-fox-11 Montana-Cox-Lingerie-Fashion-Lauren-Slater-Oracle-fox-10
Theres something so appealing about a girl with her dishevelled hair, tattoos with hidden meanings and bad girl piercings. Love the skin you’re in, go and swim in the ocean and feel weightless, lie on the sand and feel the warmth. I’ll be daydreaming all day today!

first two images by\\

Asher Moss

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in the name of the tribe

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 Camilla’s latest lookbook is breathtaking! Out of this world styling- the crew look like a human hybrid tribe from a far away planet. We’ll be drooling over these images for months!

“In the Name of the Tribe”
spring / summer  14


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Island Luxe

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Take me to paradise! Brunette goddess Karolina looks fierce in tropical prints and statement jewellery in this island luxe shoot. Summer is almost here, I can feel it in the air.

Summer Issue of FASHION MAGAZINE Canada

Photographer\\ Gabor Jurina

Stylist\\ Zeina Esmail

Model\\ Karolina Babcynska

Hair and makeup\\ Sabrina Rinaldi


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Free people

Free people have done it again. Wildfire is pure genius! So much texture and detail-   fringing and lace and leather, oh my! 
Western flare with hints of tribal goodness has me wishing I was riding off into the sunset on my trusty steed, ready to take on any thieves or rattlesnakes that stand in my way.
Free People
photography\\ Annie Edmonds
model\\ Leila Goldkuhl
hair & makeup\\ Emily Nickrent
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Model Muse

jessica Jess-Hart-Instyle-Aus-Nov-2012.11 Mambo-Jessica-Heart.24 Mambo-Jessica-Heart.7 Jess-Hart-Instyle-Aus-Nov-2012.41 Jess-Hart-Instyle-Aus-Nov-2012.2 JessicaHartCalzedonia16 Jess-Hart-Instyle-Aus-Nov-2012.1 JessicaHartCalzedonia8 Jessica-Hart-sizzles-in-swimwear-for-The-Edit-06 Jessica-Hart-sizzles-in-swimwear-for-The-Edit-02 Jessica-Hart-sizzles-in-swimwear-for-The-Edit-01 JessicaHartCalzedonia2 JessicaHartCalzedonia3-792x1200 jessica-hart-model-photos3 JessicaHartCalzedonia13 jessica_hart2 jessica_hart4 jessica_hart1

Jessica Hart is the ultimate Aussie beach babe!

One of the first to start our love affair with gap-toothed cuties, we have all fallen in love with our home grown, bronze goddess with the killer bikini bod and cheekiness to boot!

She makes me long for Summer.


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Summer Breeze

melissa Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-1 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-2 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-3 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-4 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-5 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-6 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-7 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-8 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-9 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-10 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-11 Melissa-Tammerijn-by-Xavi-Gordo-for-Elle-Russia-July-2014-12 melissa-tammerijn-xavi-gordo-photos6

Melissa Tammerijn is the ultimate effortless babe in breezy whites and summery denim for Elle Magazine.

The horse, the water, the soft sand… So calming, I can almost feel the wind in my hair!

Elle Russia July 2014

Photographer: Xavi Gordo

Stylist: Anna Artamonova

Model: Melissa Tammerijn

Makeup & Hair: Paco Garrigues


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miranda-kerr-by-xavi-gordo-for-elle-spain-may-2014-07 2 3 tumblr_mnuonkSb8H1qfpmn1o1_1280 31 42 51 61 71 81 239 329 435 526 623 722 1026 Storemags - Free Magazines Download in PDF for iPad/PC 1322 Storemags - Free Magazines Download in PDF for iPad/PC Storemags - Free Magazines Download in PDF for iPad/PC andres-sarda-swimwear-spring-2014-5 Constanza-Saravia-Model1 hm-summer-gisele-bundchen-swimwear-2014-7 irina-shayk-maxim-2014-photos2 mango-summer-2014-catalogue23 Palm Tree on a Beach isabeli-fontana-bikinis-morena-rosa-2015-1 isabeli-fontana-bikinis-morena-rosa-2015-3 isabeli-fontana-bikinis-morena-rosa-2015-4 1023 1127 1320 tumblr_static_summer


Winter skin might do it for Snow White but it’s just not doing it for me ;). I need bronzed, & I need sizzling hot days trekking along sandy beaches… PRONTO!.

Ahhh the days sprinting across hot sand in my fave bikini’s, & licking the melting ice-cream from my hands can’t come fast enough.

Summer playlists are blasting in the office today to welcome the warmth that’s hopefully not toofar away!

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road less travelled

ROAD Mike-Cornelus 28f9eb5626ef9d1d9cccf4ce0a48bfc9 73d900119c91a0c82f4a83e821d83484 21 27 tumblr_mvw6ftantJ1qcsy25o1_1280 34 freedoom-1 tumblr_mhg0f1XExz1qabiwbo1_400 e4661e3997a3faa1715a4495f3676a6a tumblr_mt81mioY3K1qcsy25o1_1280 abbaec2c6f86e907dcc177f37eba3c74 8db21789c8a87a4b53067f3a65143f76 8a09c318fa29ab29b0ad41fe456cdb71 3a4f4d2ee114ab8515e818bc27a785a3 katie-caisse-sun travel-fashion-71 ebcfede12bdef6be3f7914531f9008aa 22626eb8c02c9a2d40c2209dfb2af666 f4eb8bc81170cbd334e5d3b7786bd4bf ad8125ef269b7657686d5e32497e0f50 000010910008 Screen-Shot-2014-04-14-at-5.00.38-PM1-850x562 copy dffb192bd563aed330fe104bee891ece 000010860003

There isn’t anything more exhilarating than deserting everyday life to take on the open road.

Throw a few necessities in your backpack, sling a bottle of red over your shoulder and grab a couple of your raddest adventurers to take on the world!

Sandy tents, clothes stained with the smell of camp fire smoke, & memories to last infinity. Take me to the road less travelled.

Peace love & sunrises.

 images via\\

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model muse

lily serlin_24609 Lily-Aldridge Lily-Aldridge-lily-aldridge-22772278-760-1024 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-18 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-17 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-16 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-15 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-13 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-12 lily-aldridge-derek-kettela-10 lily-aldridge-by-derek-kettela-for-glamour-france-july-2014 lily-aldridge-by-derek-kettela-for-glamour-france-july-2014-7 lily-aldridge-by-derek-kettela-for-glamour-france-july-2014-3 lily-aldridge-by-derek-kettela-for-glamour-france-july-2014-2 lily-aldridge-by-derek-kettela-for-glamour-france-july-2014-1 Lily Aldridge-6 Lily Aldridge Tatler UK May 2013 fashion_scans_remastered-lily_aldridge-tatler_uk-may_2013-scanned_by_vampirehorde-hq-5 fashion_scans_remastered-lily_aldridge-tatler_uk-may_2013-scanned_by_vampirehorde-hq-4



This hottie could be dragged backwards through hay & still be the hottest thing about town.

Apparently the more tousled the better (so it appears but not quite sure I’m willing to give it a shot). From bikini babe to high fashion super star Lily Aldridge is certainly rocking our boat as our office muse this week!


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mirte-maas-david-roemer12 mirte-maas-david-roemer11 mirte-maas-david-roemer10 mirte-maas-david-roemer9 mirte-maas-david-roemer8 mirte-maas-david-roemer7 mirte-maas-david-roemer5 mirte-maas-david-roemer4 mirte-maas-david-roemer3 mirte-maas-david-roemer2 mirte-maas-david-roemer1

Fresh & uncomplicated.

The mastered concoction of elegant lines & detail in the ever transforming monochrome.  Mirte carries this look off epically… No qualms here ;).

July issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain

model\\ Mirte Maas

photographer\\David Roemer

stylist\\ Berta Alvarez

hair\\ Rolando Beauchamp

makeup\\ Niki M’nray

Images via\\



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