Desert Storm

Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-11 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-7 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-6 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-1 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-12 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-2 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-9 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-15 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-14 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-81 Cake-Magazine-October-2014-Cameron-Hammond-Jana-Kruger-Lola-Mcdonnell-Oracle-Fox-31

Love this shoot!

So simple and sexy, showcasing the female form in all its glory.

Cameron Hammond has been doing some awesome shoots lately with stunners in their natural skin, without makeup and little retouching.



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lazy day

homebody tumblr_nciyo8jqjL1r5gmiko1_500 dutierb tumblr_mk7a3oY6mJ1s8kafjo1_500 melina-57 2s0y2c9 dutierc melina-119 2qnd1ki 975f625a2ce3e58a534bbe17ec2ffd685b14d653_m Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.41.45 PM tumblr_mno7tzJNtc1ss5hxuo1_500 melina-22 1e1ed82f20ef768afa2c73e795457040bb6d8c75_m melina-152 Pulp Art Book_Rosemany 3_Neil Krug - Joni Harbeck alice-12 dutier midmodmegg kettle-dyed melina-482


some days you just want to sit at home in your knickers and eat donuts….

laze about in bed…

and soak in the tub!!

for all you lazy day homebodies we have some super special pieces to make those lazy days just that little bit more lush!



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TAG TO WIN – The Flora Crop

flora giveaway

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Just landed in store in Black, Off White, Pale Turquoise, Burnt Orange and Maroon.


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Heat Wave & Cool Shade

TITLE a_38 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.2 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.13 575901757_img_0848-800x600 Wood_Derek-cheads-polaroids-2 wolfcub_x_nobody_20 wolfcub_x_nobody_012 wolfcub_x_nobody_131 Joanna_07 232115-l-1356015605 akila-berjaoui-libertine-8 5b 9 hana_321 575901757_img_0848-800x600

Trading the summer streets for the refreshing cool blue water and salty air.


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Totally girl crushing on the beautiful Delilah Parillo shot by our good friend miss Annie Edmonds in LA last week.

Delilah is out of this world beautiful, she takes me into a trace with those stunning blues eyes, red lips and perfect complexion.

Sooooo many amazing pieces landing over the next few weeks!!!!



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EL VIAJE 191256092_721e619f41 clara-17b

lolita mini in white with songbird kimono in ocar dust
clara-21 lolita mini in white with mary jane crop in mulberry decoder alexandra valenti arizona-cactus-tattoocacti-little-wolf-fqvmsawd kimono B LEFT: songbird kimono in cherry blossom RIGHT: lolita maxi in white with simba skirt in mulberry decoder 7 copy 124073426_ThwuaLar_c clara-151 songbird kimono in mayan song with lazy sunday in charcoal kimono LEFT: lolita maxi in white with simba skirt in mulberry decoder RIGHT: songbird kimono in cherry blossom 124108667_m1QaTaNF_c-1 1z3osao 1j6olu TULLAHOMA LEFT: shiva shorts in sahara sunshine  RIGHT: kamisha kimono in orange sahara

tumblr_meg8uittp21rwz98ko1_500 tumblr_mgy9xfPm981qcon3co1_1280 clara-315

pack the van, we’re headed for mexico

where the sun is shining and the tacos are fresh…

vibing on burnt orange hues and fresh white lace…

check out our must haves for road tripping days and tequila nights


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Bay Watch

baywatch-font D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.1 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.2 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.3 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.4 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.5 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.7 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.9 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.10 01 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.11 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.12 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.13 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.14 D.Hauserman.BAYWATCH.15 Photographer: David Hauserman /
Model: Zoe Cross /
Stylist: Daniella Ciano / /
Hair and Makeup: Ashlea Penfold /

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first light

first light

570864d46dbfabb55e52b03030cb6e4d clara-224 slide2 fd5238c2a69244868a2088cbd427eefd clara-229 berry-break-2911 17cf132073c85dd970bde74cf1f6bccf slide1 clara-9 tumblr_mne9221gHg1r8aicso1_500 bb2aee0cd47ca5bd5807ab3d46fb0204 clara-253 tumblr_ncsbrjZenP1qh87uuo1_400 clara-211 tumblr_ncjkezOogz1rcf4rko1_500 clara-297 slide 3 531a3f371748494f0b2a300de7574eeb tumblr_mj7jtci8961qf3lleo1_500 clara-256 The sweet aroma of fresh coffee as the first glimpses of sunlight peer though your window.

rolling out of bed and chucking on a breezy floral kimono over your french lace knickers….

AHHHH spring we love you so!!

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Under the African skies

Bandit Yellow L16_YELLOWONEPIECE_01_1_1024x1024 L18_STRIPEDSWEATER_01_1_1024x1024 L17_YELLOWSHORTS_01_1_1024x1024 L05_HAASSHORTS_02_1_1024x1024 L14_VISOR_01_1_1024x1024 L16_YELLOWONEPIECE_04_1_1024x1024 L11_TOOTHBRUSH_01_1_1024x1024 L03_CURTAINSCOUCH_06_1024x1024 OSBS9J-RtkthTINeu5kGSd7RMSto1V2pnGyAq4Ya1-E L08_BROWNSTRIPE_01_1_1024x1024 L15_WAITINGROOM_01_1_1024x1024 L02_CROCHETBIKINI_04_1_1024x1024 L12_TOPLESSBEACH_01_1_1024x1024 L02_CROCHETBIKINI_01_1_1024x1024 L01_BROWNBIKINI_02_1_1024x1024 L02_CROCHETBIKINI_06_1_1024x1024 L01_BROWNBIKINI_01_1_962ddb45-8e43-47e3-8197-6d31e7dbb774_1024x1024 L16_YELLOWONEPIECE_10_1_1024x1024 L16_YELLOWONEPIECE_07_1_1024x1024-1 L16_YELLOWONEPIECE_06_1_1024x1024

Model: Jessica Buchanan, Photography: Lyall Coburn, Styling: Ane Strydom. Shot in beautiful South Africa

Loving this shoot!

I’m a big fan of yellow, I know not everyone can pull it off but Jessica buchanan looks smoking hot in it!

The 2 Bandits have pulled off a stunning new collection, bringing their Bohemian jewellery out of the past and into the future.


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SHARE TO WIN – sugar maxi in delilah

win sugar maxi blog title

clara-241 sugar maxi spread clara-235 clara-242

WIN yourself one of our gorgeous sugar maxi’s in delilah!

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