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SOURCES: Oracle Fox, Wolf ClubZulu and Zepher,  Purienne, Jason Lee Parry, Vouge Japan


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Good Bye 2015 and Helllo 2016!

In celebration of new beginnings and a fresh new year we are giving away an amazing prize~~

1 very lucky lady will win our brand new AMARA SKIRT -WHITE ++++ our favourite new basic the LAYLA CROP – WHITE!

Perfect summer combo!

Hope you all enjoy your new years eve festivities!!

amara givaway

<<<<<< TO ENTER >>>>>>

Head over to our FACEBOOK page and LIKE ‘Arnhem Clothing Byron Bay’





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You & Me & Zuri xx


If you were one of our lovely ladies to miss out on our ZURI DRESS in BLACK, well then youre in luck!

Its back and just in time for the silly season!!

Perfect for festivals/ summer vacyas and lazy weekend our Zuri Collection is fun, cool and easy breezy!!

Shop it NOW!!

IMG_8230 IMG_8234 IMG_8247 IMG_8276 IMG_8297 IMG_8312 IMG_8325 IMG_8335 IMG_8364 IMG_8377 IMG_8394 IMG_8409 IMG_8412 IMG_8422 IMG_8442 IMG_8499 IMG_8524 IMG_8530 IMG_8543 IMG_8556 IMG_8561 IMG_8687 IMG_8611 IMG_8678 IMG_8628

Muse: Ingrid Williams

Beautiful Jewellery by Cleopatras Bling


Look 1: Friday Arvo Tank – Mustard & Zuri Skirt – White

Look 2: Zuri Skirt – Black + Lack of Colors Hat

Look 3: Sleepy Wednesday Tee – Burn Terracotta

Look 4: Lazy Sunday Tank – Denim  + Lack of Colour Hat

Look5: Zuri Kimono – White & Sleepy Wednesday Tee – Sage


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Its Lust Hour over here at the Arnhem HQ and what better way to end the year than to feast your eyes on our newest collab with the amazing millinery experts….


Our very own cardamon shorts (On back order!!) feature in this very cool beach meets the disco streets.

Perfect Blue Skys and that 35mm always does it for me!



00006333 0000511 000048 000079 0000455 000050 000074 000077 000041 000040 000071 000062 000066 000037 000060 000004

Photographer // Rob Tiblury

Muse // Zoe Cross


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Bohemian Inspired – Our Amara!


A beautiful story for all you fellow gypsy’s that want to add a touch of spice to any outfit!

With a bohemian inspired embroidery thought this little collection is sure to pull at every heart string!

Perfect little dresses, amazing comfy crops and casual throw over kaftans! Perfect for day and taken into the balmy nights — Just in time for summer~~

Merry Xmas!!

A x

_N0A1642 _N0A1548 _N0A1623 _N0A1675 _N0A2324 _N0A2312 _N0A2368 _N0A2477 _N0A2532 _N0A2508 _N0A3287 _N0A3338 _N0A9834 _N0A9926 _N0A0077 _N0A9093 _N0A0633 _N0A0601 _N0A0697 _N0A1136 _N0A1110 _N0A1278 _N0A1265 _N0A9673 _N0A9642 _N0A7097 _N0A6997 _N0A2964 _N0A3010 _N0A2892


Photographer // Cameron Hammond

Muse// Nika

Assist // Rachel Gillard

Styling // Arnhem Bickley

Styling Assist // Rebecca Pastro, Carlea Durie

A x

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Kate Dalton x Mayde Tea


Today we interview Kate Dalton from  Mayde Tea

Kate has cleverly combined her passions for health, herbal medicine and wellbeing through creating her very own 100% organic, herbal, handmade & locally sourced tea!

Mayde Tea has been an absolute hit in the local cafes and in even bigger demand throughout Aus and I can see why.

Her teas are not only presented in the most beautiful packaging but are nourishing, soooo seriously delicious and made with love :)

My recommendation would be the Mint Cacao – yes thats right – chocolate tea!… not to mention her collaboration with the health conscious chocolate connoisseurs themselves Pana Chocolate. If you’re ever in Sydney check out the Pana Cafes where her teas will be stocked! YUM!

Originally from the Sydney, Kate says she’s here to stay in our sunny town of Byron Bay and I couldn’t be happier with that.

Beautiful inside and out this girl is an inspiration to any entrepreneurial ladies out there pursing their passions!

Thanks for being a part of our Arnhem Creatives series Kate and taking us to your all your favourite places in Byron!

Don’t forget to have a listen to Kate’s playlist the below! This girl got taste!



Hey Kate, firstly tell us a bit about yourself before Mayde Tea? 

So that was 2 and a half years ago- I can’t believe it’s been that long! I was a full time student, studying in Sydney and managing a cafe full time. I don’t know how but I managed to start Mayde Tea amongst these crazy working/study hours. Managing the cafe gave me a little insight into some aspects of running a business, although it’s far from the same, i think it gave me confidence to start Mayde Tea. A year ago I decided I needed a warehouse, so that was one reason I moved to Byron where that was more achievable than the big smoke. The support I have received up here still blows my mind.

IMG_5358 IMG_5385

What inspired you to create a business around teas?
I was taking a few herbal remedies for a digestive system ailment I was suffering about 3 years ago. I decided to stop taking the herbal tinctures (which are alcohol based) and buy the same herbs to make medicinal decoctions which is by just using water as the solvent. I had such great results and I wanted to be able to share this with family and friends so I did. I made digestive blends, anxiety and sleep blends and whatever people asked for. All of a sudden I was registering a business name and starting a business which definitely wasn’t the plan! But it was so fun and I’m so glad I did!

IMG_5414 IMG_5466 IMG_5440 IMG_5502 IMG_5522



What do you the love about Byron and what keeps you here instead of Sydney?
I love that its such a beautiful close community and every time I walk down the street I’m bound to run into someone. Just seeing someone and having them ask how you are and vice versa is so nice. I could easily go days without seeing any familiar faces in Sydney if I wanted to! There is such a great abundance of healthy, organically/locally grown and ethically produced food here too.

IMG_5577 IMG_5581 IMG_5598 IMG_5617 IMG_5622

What are you favourite Arnhem pieces or styles?
All of the one piece swimsuits are amazing! I actually got one today which I can’t wait to wear! All of the beautiful new lace dresses are really beautiful too.

IMG_5637 IMG_5647

Lastly, any wise words of wisdom for all the other aspiring entrepreneurs/ creative ladies out there?
Dont have expectations, I certainly didn’t and I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at. Going into business purely for your passion of what your producing is what will let it naturally thrive. If I started Mayde Tea to be super rich I definitely would have given up ages ago, it takes a long time! Having the flexibility of working my own hours makes it all worthwhile. Also, when starting a business you’re not expected to know everything. I am still learning every single day. I started this not having a clue about how to even create an invoice, now I am doing all of my own marketing, accounts, orders and every other aspect of a functioning business!


1. The Growlers – Black Memories

2. The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue

3.Good Morning – Once You Know

4. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus


Look 1: Athena Maxi Skirt -Aster // Own Tee & Lack Of Color Hat

Look 2: CJ Bikini – Peach // Lack of Color Hat

Look 3: Zara Playsuit – Garnet

Look4: Chloe One piece – English Garden & Coconut Shorts – White


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Total Beach Day Giveaway!!


Whose ready to hit the beach this summer!??

We are, and thats why we’re giving you the chance to win the ultimate beach day prize!

One lucky lady will take home the new Zara Playsuit – Opal AND the Suri Bikini Set – Porcelain Spring!

All you have to do is head to our FACEBOOK page and “Like” it & “share” this give way post!

Also for more updates on giveaways, new collections and sales give us a follow on instagram (@arnhem_clothing) and/or sign up to our VIP newsletter!

Don’t miss out! This ones a goodie!!

Good luck lovely ladies

A x

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This amazing team have put together some magic up in the Californian Hills…

..and yes ladies and gentlemen its as good as it sounds!

Oh and Did I mention it was also shot entirely on 35mm film??


Styled to perfection, Isabelle looks divine in the F.L.A.L classic onesies, floral dresses and boho luxe tassel jackets — topped off with the ultimate accessory, a L.O.C hat, the shoot

channels  what I like to call ‘California Dreamin’ in its quintessential right.

Shot by the very talented milliner/photographer /Founder Lack of Colour – Rob Tilbury!!

011 025 013 018 020 021 008 007 002 027 026 030 032 033 034 036 001

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70′s Revival >> All Your Favourite Styles Are Back!!


Our new collection channels a mix of 70′s camping vibes and the fun loving  retro queen!

Bring out your inner boho with our new maxi dresses and skirts, frolic the shores in one of  our kimonos over your favourite cozzie or go on adventures in our  Drifter Mini!!

With all your favourite styles back, and better than ever, there is no excuse not to treat yo’ self girl!

Tis also the season of giving, so what better way  to surprise the one you love then with one of our  amazing new pieces under the chrissy tree!

A x

_N0A1413 _N0A1386 _N0A1420 _N0A8041 _N0A8078 _N0A8038 _N0A8906 _N0A8899 _N0A8846 _N0A1948 _N0A1943 _N0A1967 _N0A2215 _N0A2238 _N0A2227 _N0A2713 _N0A2725 _N0A2703 _N0A1735 _N0A1760 _N0A1720

Photography // Cammeron Hammond

Muse // Nika Mazi


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Did someone say Tropical. Summer. Holiday!?

..because our new  prints Opal and Garnet couldn’t be more perfect for this hot summer weather!

Easy and breezy these new styles are designed to keep you looking cool and comfortable in style.

Dress them up or down, we have your  little summer party outfits, lunch dates or beach throw on sorted!

_N0A4142 opal_resized _N0A5020 _N0A5053 _N0A4960 _N0A8155 _N0A8215 _N0A8133 _N0A5194 _N0A5234 _N0A6899 _N0A6879 _N0A6182 _N0A6190 _N0A3183 _N0A3232 _N0A8621 _N0A8556 _N0A8378 _N0A8396
Photography // Cameron Hammond

Muse // Megan Irwin

A x


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