I’ve always been fascinated by the wild west and the allure of a wild and unpredictable road trip through the heart of America’s raw and barren south of the border…. I love this sexy style of the Bandida, the bold woman with a pistol who takes what she wants then rides on horseback into blazing horizon. Is there truly anything hotter than a cowboy hat and a gun?
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LA lady. blue jean baby
“Seamstress of the band “
Elton John.
Lyrical words from the land of Hollywood royalty and the almost famous. We’ve been dreaming of this wonderland since the 60s. A promising adventure for Americans it is symbolic of the endless summer…sun, surf and babes. Prevalent in its free thinking culture, where the panoramic ocean views of Malibu resonate with a revered lifestyle and the real high rises are palm trees. Los Angeles is sprawling….and infinite. She is the city of Angels paid homage to by many a tune in her time. 
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