Byron Bay, ‘the meeting place’ has long been heralded as a place where cultures come together in celebration of the alternative lifestyle. It is here in the Byron hinterland that Mike and Maki have made their home and are raising their little worldly family following the principles they hold dearest; living organically and gently, minimising waste, and living wisely with daily creations.

The setting is exquisite, just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Byron Bay, their picturesque wooden house has views over the hinterland for miles around. The garden is dotted with perfectly maintained veggie patches, which supply the family with daily goodness. Here their green-thumbed kids learn about sustainable living, and the valuable lesson of where food really comes from. The house is filled with love, music, laughter and happiness.

Creativity is central to their lifestyle. Maki runs “3 little spirals” (named after the things she values - food, art and pleasure) creating macramé pot holders, up-cycled herb cans and succulent artwork, and blogging about healthy living. Mike, a long-time surfer, channels his creativity and love of the ocean into the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival, a celebration of surfing culture.

Byron Bay Surf Festival runs annually in October. This year it is being held from 25-27 October. Find out more information here

To find out more about Maki’s succulent creations, visit the 3 little spirals blog or facebook page.