00840006-copy F1050037-copy F1050036-copy F1050035-3-copy F1050031-2-copy F1050010-copy F1050004-copy F1040019-copy F1040010-2-copy F1040009-3-copy F1040001-copy F1030029-copy F1030029-4-copy F1030028-4-copy F1030028-2-copy F1030022-4-copy F1030013-copy F1030011-copy F1030002-copy F1020036-4-copy F1020009-3-copy F1020006-2-copy F1010036-copy F1010034-4-copy F1010024-2-copy F1010018-copy F1000034-4-copy F1000029-4-copy F1000028-4-copy F1000009-4-copy 00870033-copy 00850003.1.jpeg The amazingly talented Henrik Purienne is at it again…this time capturing Julia Almendra in Jen’s Pirate Booty Spring Summer lookbook. Set in Ibiza on a nudist beach called Aguas Blanca, we are captured by the raw beauty, soft delicate lace and summery vibes. It is soft and feminine but extremely confident, everything we expect to see from Henrik’s work. It is extremely easy to sit back, close your eyes and hear the sound of waves lapping at your feet.