you. me. & the sea 

There is truly little more graceful than a woman dancing on a single fin longboard and being blessed enough to live in Byron Bay we see these talented ladies of the sea daily. One of the more experienced is Lex Weinstein from GypseaLove. Having been in the water when some of these photos were shot by talented local photographer Carly Brown, it was an incredible feeling to share some water time with this inspiring siren, taking peelers in her flares.Surfing is a remarkable source of eternal happiness… I would encourage everyone to try. It is quite symbolic of everything you thought you couldn’t do…but you can. There is nothing else I have found in my life where I feel so much power and peace at the same time Lex rides a locally custom shaped Dead Kooks log, shot for Lisa’s Closet  & Lakota Jewellery at The Pass, Byron Bay.