It’s been said that a brand’s clothing line is a true visual personification of the brand

itself, and that could not ring anymore true for Arnhem Clothing.

Born into a gypsy lifestyle of colour and beauty, Arnhem Bickley had a unique

childhood that set her into her personal and professional world with an

understanding for the importance of nature.

Arnhem and her family lived completely off the grid for the first 15 years of her life.

FullSizeRender IMG_2785 IMG_2765 IMG_2789 This left Arnhem inspired with a heightened sense of creativity, a great deal of

environmental ethics and a strong connection and bond with nature and our land.

This way of life emerged at a young age. She began sewing clothing for her dolls at

the age of four, which sparked her passion for design. Arnhem has been conscious

from day one of the impacts on the environment and the sustainability of having a

clothing label, holding high standards of ethical production.

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Grounded in Byron Bay with her two beautiful girls and partner her designs are still

heavily influenced by the wilderness and the beauty of her home in Byron Bay.

Arnhem does not for a second take her surroundings of nature and beauty for

granted and this can be seen through the business’ current procedures and future

plans for an even more sustainable practice in the fashion world.

Arnhem’s bohemian spirit flows into every piece of Arnhem Clothing, designed in

Byron Bay Australia.


The Factories We use are Family owned and run businesses with employees on board that have worked for over 15 years. Some of the employees have the option to work from home if they have children to care for and all employees still enjoy social and tradtional activities.

All our left over fabrics are made into garments and donated to the nursing homes and orphanages.

Arnhem has sourced these factories her self and worked with these factories for 12 years and they have grown


The factories are of high standards with air con, well paid and happy

employees and correct recycling systems in place for waste with printing houses.

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Our designs are well thought out. We design each piece taking


impacts into consideration during the production and manufacturing process. This is

known as eco-design. Eco-design not only improves the environmental outcomes it

also reduces our costs long-term, win-win!

We reduce our ecological footprint by making some of our garments multifunctional:

encouraging customers to do more with less through multifunctional design promotes

overall environmental benefits. We try to design the garments so they have timeless

style. Some of Arnhem’s pieces from her Byron Bay market days still are loved and

asked about frequently.

Don’t be surprised if you find a beautiful Arnhem piece in a Salvation Army,

Life Line or St.Vincent charity store, as we often donate our seconds and samples.

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At Arnhem our garments come in Biodegradable packaging


and we are

currently looking into using compostable plastics for our post it satchels.

All our printing paper, Bags and swing tags are made from 100% recycled paper and

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 Moving forward on our materials this year, we are excited to announce that we will

be launching our first hemp range and we are researching sustainable sourced

materials fibres for our Rayon and Cottons such as Linen, Kenaf, Banana Fibre, and Bamboo.

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 At Arnhem we believe strongly in renewable energy.

Arnhem and Ryan have already joined the solar energy movement at her home with a 5.2 watt Solar set up on their roof,

and we are installing a 25 Watt solar

panel system on our warehouse in October this year.

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 Arnhem is a supporter and share holder in Enova energy, the first community owned

energy company that provides 100% renewable energy to the local community.

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Arnhem also feels that it is very important to have some part in reducing carbon

emission produced from importing our products via air or sea. So we are proud

supporters and donators of green fleet a non profit organisation dedicated to

encouraging organisations and individuals to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas.

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At Arnhem we are very transparent in our workings and proud of our movements and

future plans for an even more sustainable business. This is exciting for us and

something that all fashion and clothing manufacturing should be taking on board. We

encourage everyone to jump on board this movement with us and help us all work

towards a more sustainable future reducing one ecological footprint at a time!

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