istanbul. skyline

Truest to one of the most exotic places on the planet. Turkey is so recognisable for its vibrant mosaic colours, indulgent cuisine, its bright lights, bizarres and dancers draped in metal and jewels head to toe. A love affiar with Turkish style has been a canvas for many a designer.
The founding of the first printing house was driven by late influences of the Renaissance in a closed cultural environment and by the beginning of material components dominating patterns of thought and behaviour through religious content. These historic prints have been what has inspired a style that declared a woman beautiful in long flowing materials, decorated in jewellery and moving to music.
Not only that, but the amazing ability to weave, hand craft, paint, print and create a world of brightness from cushions to glass…. this culture is irreverent to contemporary trends all over the world that we see in our swimwear to our lamp shades.
Turkey is a must on the travel list.