It was a pleasure catching up with the beautiful Mandy and Ness from The Freedom State.

Having been a stockist for some time now, it was a joy to see our stock fill the racks with colour and presence.

He’s a look inside the beautiful oasis that is, The Freedom State

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Can you please tell us a little bit about your store, The Freedom State?
We began as an online store and found our little gypsy den in Burleigh Heads a year later.  We wanted to create a store that was different to what was already on the Gold Coast, and bring a taste of Byron up here with so many of our labels originating from there.  The store has a Native American feel with a little rockn’roll boho vibe.  But the boho beach babes can find a few treasures here as well.  And we LOVE HATS!  The store is brimming with a huge array of hats!
We love your name, where did it come from?
It came really easily from a need of freedom in my life at the time when I was beginning the business.  So it felt like The Freedom State of mind you can strive for.
What do you look for aesthetically when picking styles for your store ?
I’m always looking for something different, but I’m always personally drawn to textures in fabrics and amazing prints.
We are so happy to be a part of your store, what do you like most about Arnhem?
We love Arnhem prints!  Always colourful and FUN! 
In a few words, what would you like to see more of from us?
We have been loving all the embroidered, vintage lace and printed pieces. It’s giving our store more of a folky 70’s vibe which we love!