Hues of a Desert Sunset…

Nostalgic dreamy days spent with the cool girls of the canyon…

The Vast Horizon range has arrived..

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Vast Horizon embraces the spirit of romance with the whimsical-chic style of the 1970’s, and two bold colour choices. The collection is both playful and classy; with easy laid-back styles, pleated hem frills, tassel ties and beautiful boarder trims. The relaxed fits will keep you swishing and swaying with every move. 


We are feeling oh so romantic here at Arnhem, as we open our hearts to the magic and possibilities of a Vast Horizon. Style yourself for blissful sunny days that turn into mystical nights. Flirty and hypnotic, it’s for bohemian goddesses ready to dance, dream & soak up the adventure. 

Before you get totally lost in the land of love of magic skies, take a snap, and share the love on instagram by tagging @arnhem_clothing. 

MUSE : Victoria Germyn

PHOTOGRAPHER : Cybele Malinowski

STYLIST: Kaycie Smith

COLLABORATORS: Lack of Colour, Brahminy Exchange, Trash Vintage, Pirates Dreaming, Temple of the Sun, Celeste Twinkler

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