Last week we road tripped up to the Gold Coast and caught up with one of our beautiful stockists, White Bohemian.

We got an insiders guide to their beautiful space, philosophies and reasons why they love being a part of the Arnhem family…

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Can you tell us a little bit about your store, White Bohemian? 

White Bohemian is a Retail and Online Store that offers bohemian fashions and home décor from both local and international designers. Drawing inspiration from endless Summers, road trips and music festivals, White Bohemian makes their customers feel like they are on holidays everyday.  The Store is located in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast just across from the beach and welcome sandy feet customers in all day long.  The Store is a beautiful oasis of white dreamcatchers, amazing smelling soy candles, crochet throws and cushions, luxury boho leather bags and an amazing selection of bohemian and gypsy inspired fashion labels from Byron Bay to L.A.

We love your name, where did White Bohemian originate from? 

Being a true sun seeker my whole life and spending weekend after weekend at the beach I wanted to include the thought of white sandy beaches in my stores name but didn’t want a cliché beachy name.  Bohemian relates to the unconventional, the hippy or free spirit etc and I wanted to create a store that was driven from my style and my lifestyle and felt these 2 names sat nicely together and so White Bohemian was born.

What do you look for aesthetically when picking styles for your store? 

Whites, laces, 70’s inspired prints and styles, gypsy & folk styles and anything that reminds you of being on holiday from your wardrobe to our home décor collections.

We are so happy to be a part of your beautiful store, what do you most like about Arnhem? 

I would have to say that Arnhem brings life to White bohemian with an amazing range of designs and unbelievable prints.  I feel Arnhem offers a more unique gypsy style than any of my other labels.

Thank you to the beautiful Sharon, the owner of White Bohemian and Emm for taking the time to share the story behind your gorgeous store!

A x